Thursday, July 23, 2009

Flights of fancy!

So, I've been on this major spray painting kick. Wondering about all the things I could tackle with my trusty can of spray paint. Just yesterday I was dropping off a donation at the local thrift store and I wandered in to check out the offerings. I hit pay dirt. Coming out with 5 sweet little bird figurines that I promptly painted white. Five tropical colored fish plaques that will get hung in my newly painted powder room. A Longabergerish basket to corral the many shoes we own and best of all a nice solid wood collapsible craft table. The top is not in the best condition, but since I plan to place a cutting mat on it. I won't bother trying to paint or refinish it. I scored all this along with a huge zippered canvas tote bag for under $30.
Check out some of my loot below.

Here are the birds prepaint redux. I have to note that O. was disappointed in the monochromatic scheme of my make over, but M. declared that they looked great!

Fabulous craft table. It's got wheels and it folds out to 48" of work surface. Score! Like I said there's some water damage or some such to the top, but who cares? Not me.

Talk about the perfect accessory. After we finished repainting the bathroom M. observed that it was just like being underwater and that we needed some fish on the wall. When I saw these little plaques I knew it was meant to be and M. was thrilled as punch.

Our old shoe collector lasted about 10 years. So finding this Longaberger knockoff for $3 was enough to have me singing a happy tune. Especially after seeing just how hefty the price tag is for a basket of this size.


Jackie said...

A cutting matt will hide the water damage. What a great find! The wood looks sturdier and a better quality than you can find today for cutting tables. Congrats!