Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Work on it Wednesday

What I need to work on this week is my time management. More exact, I need to revamp my personal schedule. I have a personal daily schedule that I try and follow, along with a house cleaning schedule and I've let them slip a bit lately. I guess I've been feeling out of sorts and unmotivated, but honestly things in my life do run better when I have a bit of order to them. So, I'm dusting off my schedule, reviewing it for changes that need to be made and reimplementing it. I also have a home management binder that could use a review too. It contains everything I think I need to help manage our home. I used it faithfully for more than a year, but I got out of the habit and knowing what a valuable tool it is I need to put it back into use.
However, the big thing I notice about my day is that the computer is a big time suck. I know, it probably is for many of us. However when I followed my schedule more closely I only allotted myself small blocks of time throughout the day and not the unlimited surfathons that I can fall into. It was hard to break the habit initially but my quality of life was much improved by not spending so much time online. Hard to imagine, but it was. Also when I broke the house work into daily task, the house was much neater and I didn't feel as overwhelmed by the sheer task of cleaning up after 6 folks. It's funny because my friend and I were just talking about what an awesome resource the Internet is and how it so instant and how it helps connect you to the world. Especially if you're a stay at home mom. It's easy to feel isolated and disconnected if you're at home cut off from other adults and your life centers around your children and home. But with just a few clicks you can find a whole community of people who understand your dilemma. They are there for you any time of the day or night and there really is something to be said about that. However, I don't know if I need to be spending quite so much time with them (and I mean that in the nicest possible way, lol).


~Bekah said...

ugh amen sista! time management issues is my thing these days... i don't want to be at work b/c there's so much i feel like doing at home when i'm at work and then when i'm at home after work i don't feel like doing any of it b/c #1, i'm 35 weeks pregnant, #2 i'm tired, #3, i just want to eat dinner, clean that up and plant my butt on the couch and watch tv till bed time..but... like tonight, I KNOW, i've got to make 2 more of those ruffle outfits, at least cut them out so i can take them to be monogrammed...but right now i wanna do that but come 5:30pm, i'll be soo not wanting too! thanks for the sweet compliment! it was a work in progress! i had to alter the top last night b/c the chest was too tight on the little girl but added 2 gussets and WAAALAAA, FIXED! :) she looks adorable!

Chi-Chi, The Original Wombman said...

Hey Sabrina,

It seems like especially with many moms around me, this is a recurring thing. My two week hiatus from the computer due to a virus really helped me to put my computer use into perspective. I'm really focused these days on "tapas" a yoga principle which means disciplined use of energy. When it comes to the computer, not only does it suck time but it sucks my mental energy. I'm often distracted when I'm on the computer only half paying attention to what's going on. I don't like it and I've determined to change it.

You're so right about being a SAHM and using the computer as a way to instantly connect. Only, these days the connections seem so hollow and empty. I actually want to cancel my membership on some boards. It gets annoying and it feels pointless . . . feels like people either just want to argue or say how they feel/vent. Not really converse. Starting to feel that it's all pointless. I've been asked to be a moderator on one board and while a few years ago, I would have been so thrilled, I will have to turn it down.

I also have gotten off my cleaning schedule of late but just this week, I got back on the ball. I literally have to force myself to do things but I know that in time, it will pick up momentum and everything will be like second nature again.

Anyway, Sabrina, we're all dealing with the same things!!! That's always encouraging.

Matt said...

Sabrina - I am getting off the computer to spend time with C, clean up and get ready for my sew-in tonight. Nothing is that urgent that I need to be on the computer the rest of the afternoon (which I can easily do!). Thanks for the reminder. -Linda