Friday, May 22, 2009

My Doppleganger

I'm so excited! After years of wanting one, I finally bought a dress form. But not just any one, I got a Fabulous Fit dress form. Just like they use on project runway (which I've not seen, by the way). It's super cool and you're suppose to be able o customize it so that it's a duplicate of your actual figure. It came with a bunch of foam pads to accomplish this. I think they run close to $400 with the shipping and all, but I got mine off Craigslist for about 60% less, woohoo super score! I hope it helps me feel motivated to sew more for myself. As I've shared before I have an insane amount of fabric and patterns and tons of ideas...but very little actual time to sew. I really want to make more stuff for myself this year. I think I'll call her Serena since that rhymes with my name. I still need to take a bunch of measurement a pad her up. But, I thought you might enjoy meeting her. So, here she is in all her headless armless glory.


Heather! said...

What an awesome find! You very much need to sew yourself some lovely things! Having that to guide your sewing will be fantastic...have a great weekend!