Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Work on it Wednesday

Well the kids are out for Spring Break so my schedule is much less demanding. As a result this entire week has been a bit of a work on it. I have a few quick things I want to work on. There's a book shelf in the alcove that I have some of the kids books on and since they generally put them away they are a haphazard mess, so I'm going to get those straightened up. I also think I have time to paint the half bathroom. I finally settled on color, it's a light yellow called "melting sun". I like it. I'm also planning a small vegetable garden and if the weather holds, I'm going to start preparing the area. I've been researching online to get the information about how to proceed since I haven't gardened in forever and then it was just a small herb garden. I'm excited. But, I better get started, I should be able to begin planting after the 15th. I'd also like to paint the second piece of the furniture from Mister's grandmother. I did put the poly on the other piece and it really looks nice, I can't believe I didn't do it sooner.
Of course the kids have wanted to go and do things this week too so we'll be doing a bit of running around too. Anyway, enjoy your Spring!


Heather! said...

I wish we could start planting that soon! The one thing we are doing differently this year is adding some mushroom soil. It's been a couple years since our garden did well, so hoping that will help!