Saturday, April 18, 2009

Prayer Shawl KAL

I'm a very novice knitter, which isn't exactly the same thing as a new knitter. I actually learned the rudimentary stitches for knitting in my teens, revisiting them again in my twenties until I finally said...hey, I actually want to learn to make something in my thirties. Fast forward, a couple of classes, countless hours on knitty and knittinghelp, hundreds of dollars in yarn and knitting needles and I'm addicted. However, I'm by no means a fast or even a good knitter, but nonetheless I do enjoy it. I like to challenge myself a bit from time to time. I mean how many scarves do you really need? So, I've learned to knit socks using both dpn and two circulars and now I thought I should step beyond knitting and purling. So, I've joined a KAL (knit along) on ravelry to knit a prayer shawl. I plan to gift this one to someone special...can't say who though, it's a secret. I've decided to do LaLa Simple Shawl. I wanted to put this out there so that my dear blogging sisters will keep me on task. Ask me about the shawl from time to time so I don't fade as I've been known to do. It started yesterday, but I'm going to cast on today since I was caught up in the Family Night Festivities yesterday.
I'm thinking I'm going to use some yarn from my stash in worsted weight or perhaps I will use this KP shine I have and double strand it to give it a bit more body. I'll try and post some WIP pix from time to time.


Chi-Chi, The Original Wombman said...

Sabrina, the shawl is beautiful! I am happy to be back on my motivating duties!! You have to motivate me to finish "Monkey" sock #2. It's not looking good right now. LoL!

Matt said...

Sabrina - I believe your deadline is coming up. I know you can finish it!! Thanks for your reminders about finishing my king size quilt project. I have finished sewing all the blocks together. Now I just need to sew on the borders.