Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tract house blues

Today I'm feeling a bit of tract house blues. Don't get me wrong, I mean I'm happy to have a home and I love where I live. Most of time I really like my house even though it's much smaller than we probably need. But, sometimes the lack of architecture and charm really brings me down. I mean our house is vanilla bland like so many others in the burbs. I dream of french cottage, mid century modern, cool ramblers and arts and craft bungalows. I think I have a good eye for design and while I'm crafty...I wouldn't say that I'm necessarily handy if you know what I mean. I'd love to install some molding and replace our baseboard. Replace the fixtures in the bathroom, rip up the carpet in our room...the list goes on. Yet, I can't seem to dive in and do these things. I have a fear of making it worst...or taking forever to finish something (as I been known to do...think of the year long quilt). As much as I love him, my dh is more about writing a check for someone to come and address these issues than tackling them himself. I guess I'm just frustrated and perhaps a bit envious of people who can make their visions come to fruition. I'm not fearless when it comes to my house. I wish I were. Anyway, this is an ongoing issue for me. You'll probably see me write about it again. I think I probably should stop watching so much HGTV, that might help. So, there it I have the tract house blues.


Heather! said...

I'll join in with some 'old house blues' as all the fun (read cosmetic) things I want to do really ought to be put off with boring things like relining the chimney, new oil tank, roof in a few years. *sigh* My solution to anything: paint!