Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Although not completely unheard of, it's a rare occurrence to have snow where we live. We awoke this morning to big fluffy flakes falling. School is cancelled. The kids were ecstatic and excited to go out and frolic in this occasional treat...it lasted about 15 minutes before they were ready to come back inside to sit in front of the fire and play the Wii.


Heather! said...

snow! I can't believe you got the same fluffy flakes we got up here. Cute pics! My kids made it about 20 minutes before they were ready to head back in too!

KBriggs said...

We get snow a little too much here in MI. My daughter is in love with the snow and cant wait to get out and play. Most times we stay for around 20 minutes playing on the yard and she always ends up crying because she wants to stay. i am just glad she likes because i don't, since i am from Bolivia(sunny and warm all year) You photos of your kids are great, it bring a smile on my face.