Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tiny dancer

I just signed O. up for a dance class. This is her first time taking a dance class and I wasn't sure how she'd like it since when we did Kindermusik she wouldn't participate. Well, surprise, surprise! My girl loves it. I think it's the twirling and the flowy costumes. I wanted her to have a pretty leotard to wear so last night I traced, cut out and whipped up this one from Ottobre 1/07. Very easy and so cute. I used some scraps I had from another project. I plan on making her one more. I just love the little flounce ruffle. I did a rolled hem on it.
Anyway, here she is my little dancer. I have no idea why she is making that strange face, but oh well, I'm lucky I got her to stand still long enough to take the picture, lol.


jennifer said...

they are adorable Sabrina! And so is O!!