Friday, May 9, 2008

Hallelujah! It's done!!!

The Amy Butler weekend travel bag is finished! Even with my many mistakes I'm still proud of how it turned out. I will be popping it in to the mail today, at long last.
What I learned. Well, I won't use such a challenging fabric next time. I have all quilters and home dec for my next foray. I won't use an upholstery zipper, I don't feel like it's opens and closes as smoothly as a sports zipper would have. I will sew the template down earlier in the process and I will put the lining in the way I did by machine and not the way she said which was by hand. It wasn't as hard IMHO...but I only needed to hand stitch it in couple of places and that made me so much happier than doing the whole thing by hand. Oh, and a good thimble is your friend. Also, I learned that it's ok to step back from a tedious project and work on other stuff until you get your mojo back, lol. I hope my mom likes it...I think she will.
There's O. modeling it for me. You can see the bag and I tried to show the detail of the piping and of course the dreaded lining.
I would encourage even a beginner to try this bag. It's not difficult, it just takes a bit of time and patience. The results are well worth it.


Heather! said...

What bag?? Sadly overshadowed by your sweet little girl! I really want to get back into sewing bags and tackle a pattern. Maybe if I start one now, it'll be ready by my sister's birthday in August! Lovely work!