Thursday, May 15, 2008

Breakfast of champions

Last night before heading off to bed I mixed up a batch of cinnamon rolls. I've shared the recipe here before. They are so delicious and so good to wake up to. I left them to rise and this morning popped them into the oven. Ahhhh...the smell! Anyway, it is the perfect sweet indulgence. It's not lowcal or healthy, but every once and awhile it hits the spot. I brewed up some coffee, a dash of half and half and I'm all set to begin my day. It's raining out so I'm thinking this might be the perfect time to sew up a few things for the boys. I spend so much time making things for O. and of course indulging my purse fetish that I might go periods without sewing something for them. Shameful, but true. So today is all about my guys. I think I'll finish that camp shirt for M., a few tshirts with some cool embroideries, a couple pairs of shorts, oh and I have about 6 pairs of boxer briefs cut out. That should keep me busy.


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