Monday, December 10, 2007

A quilt...a saga

I'm sure I'll have alot to say as I embark upon my first real quilt. I've taken one class, checked out countless books from the library and purchased some for my own library, saved fabric for over a year...probably closer to two and today I plucked up my courage and began. I have about 120 blocks cut...only 1 billion more to go, lol. I originally had ambition of making a queen size quilt, but as I cut into my millionith or was it billionth block I'm thinking...twin, twin is good. And the design's changed. I originally thought I do 4 inches blocks then I thought no bigger so 6 inch, then I thought oh I'll alternate them with a 4 patch block...but the idea of cutting 300 3.5 inch blocks is more than I can consider. So...I'm think simple is good, right. I mean it is my first quilt. I'd like to finish before she's 20. So...the saga begins. I have more fabric to wash though. Some of it just didn't look right for a little girls first quilt so I'm going to have to break out my stash for a few more prints. I'm really excited to make her a quilt, but I guess that will mean I'll have to make the boys each one too.