Thursday, December 20, 2007

A good thrifting day

So after freecycling 3 green trashbags full of too big (woohoo!) clothes I needed some new stuff. So I've been hitting the GW's and various thrift stores trying to find some suitable items. I went to Dorcas today and it was a great score. I found 4 pairs of pants priced as $2/each and a nifty sewing basket that I have already repurposed into a more "me" look, a vintage pattern for an mom and me coordinating aline dresses and a book for O..
On another note I'm almost finished with the mama made gifts for the kids. I made 2 cinch bags. A backpack for O. and I'm going to make a pillowcase and bag for M. And I'm finally ready to start on "The Quilt", lol.