Monday, December 25, 2006

It's a merry christmas after all!

I was scheduled to work today and would have needed to leave the house at 6 to get to work on time, but I got to be off since there was enough staffing and I was first on the call off list! I was thrilled and so was the family. We opened presents at the ungodly hour of 4:30am. We were up for a few hours while the kiddies checked out all their loot. Everyone seemed happy with their gifts. It's funny though, in years past I've gone way overboard and into debt for christmas, but this year I stuck to a budget and paid cash for the gifts and they were just as excited about everything. E. even said this was the best Christmas ever. S. was very happy with his cell phone and has been walking around with it all day! A. & I did not exchange gifts, we decided we would do something for each other and I didn't miss the gift at all. I still have my gift from last year unopened and many pda's does one person need afterall. I'm going to use it though, 2007 is the year!
I've just been watching movies w/S. We watched Pirates of the Carribeian 2. Very good. Johnny Depp is a riot!