Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm back?

My little sister reminded me recently that I had not blogged in forever. So, true...apparently almost a year has passed since my last post. My life has been crazy busy and I had to prioritize. However, things should be slowing down very soon. In the meantime I still sew, although other than lounge pants I haven't sewn many clothes in the past year. I've quilted though, in fact I've probably completed 4 or 5 quilts and have 2 tops finished that I need to quilt. Anyway, the point is, I'm still here. I'm excited about the new year. Hopefully there are bright things in my professional future as I finish up my graduate degree (fingers crossed). And I hope that the slowing of my life means I can spend more time with the family doing things that we love. That I can focus on the homefront. That I can craft and share the stuff I'm working on in my blog. Come back and see what's up, I'm still here. I'm excited for 2013 to get here already


Heather said...

I've missed you! I never really blog much any more, but so glad I have you in my Google Reader. Nice New Year's surprise! :) Here's to a happy and creative 2013!