Monday, December 26, 2011

An annual year's resolutions

A new year looms, all bright, shiny and new, full of possibility. I'm super excited about 2012. But of course I can't embark on the new without giving some thoughts to the old.
While 2011 was full of changes, heartache, and tribulations, I can say as we end it, I'm probably happier personally than I have been in ages. New things are happening and I'm excited about the future. School has been fantastically hard, but enjoyable and challenging. I'm excited about the possibilities it will offer me professionally.
The family is in a good place, each child coming into their own. Soon, We'll have a senior among us and then he's off to college (fingers crossed).
Fitness has been less than a home run, but I'm going to get it together, I'm determined. Baby steps and no excuses. It's a gift to myself. I feel better when I'm active.
My crafting is keeping me sane (isn't true for so many of us). I've completed 5 quilts this year, which doesn't sound like a ton, but when you have my life, 5 quilts accomplished is monumental. I've made some quilty friends and joined a guild and a bee. Fun times.
I have lots of plans for the coming year.
1. Show and tell my kids how much I love them every day
2. Continue to live, laugh and love
3. Move more and make my health a priority
4. Sew more for me and my family
5. Continue to do well in school, you can do this girl!
6. Sew from my stash (you don't need to shop for fabric!)
7. Try new things
8. Let the past go
9. Do something fun every day
10.Finish one project/month (Get rid of the UFO's)
11. Live more frugally
12. Destash and Declutter