Monday, April 11, 2011

Tackling a new skill

When I began quilting a few years ago I just dove right in. No class, little knowledge other than what I gained from years of garment sewing. I asked a few quilting friends some question, but overall I've been self taught and learned by trial and error. I consider myself a liberated quilter. I try and use what I have and I'm not about precision. You'll never find me paper piecing a
"Grandma's flower garden". When I make things for us to use I'm much more relaxed, but when I make items to gift or swap my perfection monster rears it's ugly head. Currently I'm working on a baby quilt for a coworker. I've already quilted, unpicked (oy!) and requilted it once. Now I'm working on the binding. I read somewhere that if you make a baby quilt you should attach the binding by machine so that it holds up to all the washings. Well, I've got a lot to learn. I used the tutorials from here and here and this one with tons of great pictures. I'm sure this should be easier than I'm making it. Anyway, I've been struggling with this so I thought I'd ask you, what do you it good enough to gift?


Jenny said...

Looks perfect! No more picking, you are so done.

Nicole said...

I agree with Jenny. It's done!
No one is going to see the imperfections but you. It is a beautiful quilt. Congrats on getting it done.

Linda said...

Sabrina - that machine binding is perfect!!! I would definitely give i and would totally appreciate it as a gift.

FAntastic job!


The Original Wombman said...

It's perfect!! Gift it! :)