Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Work on it Wednesday

Today a long talked about project is coming to fruition, slipcovers. Last night I pinned and draped my fabric over my sturdy but shabby looking love seat. I've removed it carefully and now I'm ready to do the initial stitching. Then I'll refit it, making adjustments before doing the final stitching and attaching the piping. I'm excited and hopeful that they will turn out well. It's not hard really just takes time and patience. I think I had been hesitant to dive into the project in the past because of the cost involved. The upholstery fabric can be kind of pricey. I luckily scored some great fabric for $3/yd so it didn't seem like too much of an investment if I screwed it up. I'm planning to do my sofa too so I hope I can find a similar bargain.
I'm using this book that's been in my personal library for ages. It has lots of photos and clear instructions. There's also lots of online information if you decide to jump right in without a book.
I think custom slipcovers are great for a family with kids. I pride myself in purchasing quality furniture, but even the best quality can barely stand up to a household with four active kids.