Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Look what Santa brought me!

A Kindle ebook reader! It's awesome. I've been very busily listening and reading books for the last few days. I've also joined an audiobook service called Audibile and a the library service called Overdrive. It's so cool to be able to tuck the thin little tablet in my purse and take a virtual library along with me while I'm out and about. And the text to speech feature is super cool, even if it does sound oddly like Stephen Hawkings. But the coolest thing I think is the fact that you can put pdfs on it. I've downloaded a ton of sewing and knitting patterns, no more trying to keep up with a paper pattern. Woo Hoo! Love the Kindle!


Heather said...

SWEEEET! The PDF thing would rock. I keep thinking about it and then wonder if I'd get it and not like the feel of it. I've never seen one in person. Though knowing my luck, I would get it and my C would steal it! ;-) Had a good laugh that the "might also like posts" included summer ones---it's waaaaay cold here today!

KBriggs said...

Nice present! :D