Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm attached!

As you might recall I have several vintage machines and because of that I have tons of machine attachments. I've never really tried to use them. Oh sure, I used the walking foot, zipper foot and the occasional blindhem foot, but never ventured much beyond those. Well, I happened to catch sight of a nifty little book the other day at JoAnn's called "The Sewing Machine Attachment Book" and using my 50% off coupon I purchased it. Not only was it quite informative, but also full of sewing machine trivia that I enjoyed learning about. I learned all about those mysterious feet I had in my sewing box and just how to get the most out of them. It's the secret of how sewist of the past could turn out incredible items with out the aid of modern gadgets such as sergers. I've discovered I lurve the hemmer feet. It's too cool. It makes the tiniest hem without ironing or anything. Perfection. My success using it has inspired me to break open that box and check out some of those other feet too. I'm off to experiment more. Since I have some holiday sewing planned I can see using the ruffler or pleater in my future. Fun times!


Marielle said...

wow sweet collection of feet! I'll admit my ruffler creeps me out and it's still sitting in the box unused which as the previous mom of only boys I used to be able to get away with.