Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Work on it Wednesday

I may have mentioned before that our home would be considered small, especially for the area we live in. In reality we thought this was our starter home and we would just be here about five years. Ten years later, we are still here. Most of the time it's fine. However, sometimes I feel like we could use more space. We have this really awesome although underused covered patio that I would like to fix up to extend our living space. Finding a couple of chairs for free got me started. They have rattan backs and that says casual outdoor living to me. But I'm still in the market for a bigger table and some other things to really do it up right. I've been browsing through tons of flickr groups and sets to get inspiration. There's really some great ideas out there. Now just to do it on a budget. I think my project today will be to create a virtual "inspiration board" depicting my plan. This will be my first time creating one like this, although for years I've kept a home inspiration notebook. We'll see how it goes. I'm not the most computer savvy person out there, lol.


Jen said...

Not sure what your 'look' is on your patio, but the boys and I recently made this table ( and there's still fencing left next door if you're interested - just let me know!

Heather Kennedy said...

I wish I had taken a pic this year, but our beach house rental has an awesome enclosed porch. The way it's set up, the drop leaf table is against the house and there are three chairs. At one end there is also an end table/catch all thing and the best part is that there is electricity out there and a ceiling fan. We always spend a lot of time out there for meals/snacks/relaxing etc. Knowing you, you'll pull this together before too long!