Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Simply Christmas

I had to post a picture of O's Christmas dress that I just finished today and share a funny story with you. I'm pleased with the outcome. It's a very simple pattern from the Martha Pullen favorite appliques book. Very straightforward. Well, I decided to embroider a super cute Christmas tree that I got from SewForum (love that site!). Normally it wouldn't matter, but since I wanted the design to be on the front I carefully marked the piece I thought was the front...notice I said thought. I go through 10000+ stitches, 5 thread changes, sew it up, making sure I carefully press, turn and stitch my hems, attach the rickrack to the hem and was just about to mark where the buttons went when I realized that I had stitched out the design on the back of the dress! I was so annoyed, lol! It turned out not to be such a bad thing as my first stitch out was not very good and I needed to really loosen the tension on it. The second attempt was much improved and I was super careful and applied the design to the front this go around. It's just in time for O's Christmas program tomorrow. Oh and aren't the Christmas tree buttons just the cutest. I got them in a bag of buttons from Chez Ami...perfect.


Courtney said...

So, so cute! Great job, and no one will ever know! :)