Sunday, February 10, 2008

Self drafting

I see post on one of the sewing boards I frequent about self drafting, well figuring I'm no idiot I embarked upon making O. a dress. The inspiration was a dress she had that I had purchased from a thrift store. I think it was sized about 12mos. So cute, a very classic button front sleeveless sun dress. So. I got out my Easy Pattern tracing paper and sketched out a bodice and skirt. Easy enough right? Well the first version wasn't big enough and she ripped the side seam trying to get her arm in the dress. Second version...much better, armcyces (that's the correct term, right?) made larger, added 1/2" to the front bodice. made the skirt a bit wider to give me more of a gathered affect. Now I've made a version out of $1/yd fannel to test out even more. I'm just getting ready to add the contrast band and the bias tape around the arm holes. I'll post pix of version 3. I'm really excited and will probably try drafting again one day, but I have to say I'm quite happy to pay someone else to do all the drafting for me, lol!