Thursday, August 30, 2007

So busy...

Well things have been so busy here. Two of the kidlets are back in school and one more will start after labor day and then it will just be me and the princess.
I've been working hard on home improvement projects in an effort to embrace and love the home we're in. I just cleaned out my pantry. I'm thinking maybe I hadn't done it since we moved in...imagine. Anyways, it's quite empty now. Now, I'm going to reorganize the kitchen and clear off the counter space. It's so liberating to declutter. I mean I took 3 bags of expired and dusty food items to the dump. I will probably have 2 more bags when I completely finish with the other shelf. Woohoo, we got the new floors! They look fanfreakintastic! No more soiled smelly carpet. It opens up the entire space too! I highly recommend wood flooring to anyone.
Things are advancing well in the project me arena. More on that later.