Monday, May 21, 2007

The Kitchen/Grocery Challenge

I started this last year, but I slacked off big time. But, baby I'm back! We've been spending way to much eating out lately. Plus with gas prices what they are I need to be organized and avoid running to the store 10 times/week. So I found this cool site called Cindy's Porch and I'm going to print off the list and begin my once a month cooking again. I even have a new cookbook to try out and I think it will make the summer much more relaxing if I don't have to stress about cooking big full meals. So, tonight I will make out my menu and tomorrow the cooking begins. I'm also going to try and eat fresher. I took the kids to the farmer's market last week and the veggies we got were so delicious. Maybe it was my imagination, but I felt like I was eating a wonderful meal and doing something great for our community by shopping at the farmer's market. Ah well, next I'll be going organic!