Sunday, January 21, 2007

Is it cheaper to sew

I don't think that in terms of my time, purchase of supplies, patterns and fabric that sewing is really cheaper than any RTW item that I can purchase any do of the week. I do however think it's saving me a ton in therapy. I've always liked to sew. I've gotten more into it in the last 8 years and especially the last 3 years since the purchase of a nicer machine and plunging into the world of sewing for your children. I've discovered a cool group of sewing sites that have great resources for me and turned me into a much more relaxed and competent sewist and have expanded my already present love of creating. I've experimented with new fabrics and new techniques. I've learned to take care of my own machines and gained a love and appreciation for machines from the past.
All in all the pleasure that sewing has given me is worth a tremendous amount. I have to say that it's probably saved my sanity and given me something of my own beyond just being a wife and mother. It truly is therapeutic. It's one of the ways I express love and care for my family. It's a way to express my creativity and brighten my home.
Sewing isn't cheap, but it's enriched my life immeasurably.